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Available Games

Welcome to the 20th Annual Street Food Fair! Every year Food Truck vendors from all across the state arrive ready to sell delicious delights -- but none of them know where to park their vehicles. Several of the Food Trucks have asked for your help in finding the best parking spaces. But beware! There are a lot of Food Trucks to remember, and some are hidden behind other trucks. Even worse, your opponent is trying to find the best spaces for their group of Food Trucks and just might frustrate your plans. 

Do you have what it takes to become the packing master? In Shipping Showdown, players are competing to pack up and ship off valuable items. The goal of the game is to pack and ship each item based on the criteria needed for that specific item using different materials. Players will strategically build up their packages but must be cautious of sabotages their opponent places on them. 

In The Flea and The Circus, you are playing as a flea traveling through the circus trying to collect as many tickets as you can to deliver to the prize booth in 12 turns. Jump on dogs and travel through walls but don't get lost along the way!

Dice Stackers is fast-paced dice stacking game for two players. Flip a card over and race to stack the dice as depicted on the card. Not only do players need to match the die’s color but they need to match the value of the die as well. The player that scores the most points by the end of the game, wins!

What We Are Working On

Terreign is a two player 1v1 tactical skirmish abstract game. In Terreign, you immerse into a very hot and dry desert where the animals strive to stay hydrated against the radiating heat. These animals tend to move with the native plants fruits in their mouths because cacti fruit like Barrel Cacti Fruit and Prickly Pear Fruit store water inside of them and are a quick snack for the animals in need. The goal of the game is to consume 3 sources of water, which are the fruit, or to scare off your opponent’s animals forcing them to abandon their sources of hydration. 

Status: Development




<----- Art Sneak Peaks by Sarah "Freedz" Conlon!

It is time for the monthly book club! You and your friends gather around and will discuss the book you read in the previous month. There is a slight issue though. The host, admittedly, said they didn’t read the book and all the other members seem to have had a very very different experience of what they read. 

In Book Club, you and the other members of book club will pitch a 1 minute elevator synopsis of what they read to the host in hopes the host will believe you that the story you are telling them is the actual story of the book.

Status: Playtesting and Development

In Catch N' Cook, you are catching and cooking as many fish as you can before the end of your fishing trip. Roll the dice and choose your actions based on your rolls. Score the most points by cooking your fish to perfection.

Status: External Playtesting

Strings is a solo deckbuilding "stage" crawler where you have been cast into a marionette puppet by an evil wizard. You must navigate your way around 3 different stages and vanquish the puppet masters marionette minions that you run into. Befriend fellow trapped wizards along the way who will help you build up your deck with spells and prop objects. . . all for a compelling price of course. 

Status: Internal Playtesting

Railroad Ruckus is a two-player puzzly grid movement/dice placement game. Players are train conductor's trying to get their train from one station to another by using dice allocation and manipulation, interesting types of movements, and sometimes sabatoge. 

Status: Internal Playtesting

Butterfly Buildup is a two-player card drafting and grid placement game. Players will roll the dice to determine which actions they will take when building up their 2x2 butterfly field. Each card has unique abilities and upgrades that will gain players points at the end of the game. Players must choose their cards wisely because Worry cards will set them back but if they’re lucky Wing cards will set them on the path to victory. 

Status: Internal Playtesting

About Us

Next Two You Games is a game design company based out of Tucson, Arizona. Our mission is to create casual two player coffee table games that play in less than 30 minutes and have a small environmental impact. 

We are currently doing a mixture of pitching to publishers and self-publishing through The Game Crafter.

Meet Our Team

The founder and lead designer, Katie Andrews, has always had a passion for board games. For the last 8 years she has been an active board game player starting with Settlers of Catan and soon enough expanded her collection and love for the hobby. When she is not creating a new game or working on a current project, she loves spending time with her many pets, playing games, or pursuing other passion projects with her friends.

Social Media guru, Jennifer Andrews, is the master of all communications at Next Two You Games. Jennifer has an extensive background and knowledge in the world of marketing. She has been playing board games for about 5 years now with her favorite games being Splendor and Point Salad. In her free time, she enjoys growing her plant babies, reading, and connecting with her spiritual side.

For Publishers:

All Next Two You Games' designs are available for licensing or buying out right. 

For Designers:

Although we aren't in a space to sign games from designers, we would love to hear about your designs! Whether you need your game playtested, a rulebook review, sell sheet, or are interested in co-designing, we would be happy to connect!